December 15, 2004

A New Toy

I feel like a kid with a new toy! This is a whole new experience for me, (thank you DS) and one I hope to become more and more dedicated to as time passes.
I can't recall a time in my life when I wasn't either writing or thinking about writing. I went through a phase as a teenager when I concentrated on poetry. It was corny and mushy stuff, the kind of thing you pick up years later and say to yourself "I wrote this crap?" I remember thinking at the time I created it that as long as the last words each line rhymed, I must not be far off the mark! Cripes.

This bit will have to be brief (lucky you) because I'm still testing the water and it's feeling a bit cool yet.

My purpose here, for future reference, is twofold. I would like to have a quiet place to come to when I need to unwind after work or have a meeting with my own mind ~ but I also hope to entertain and evoke response. That's where you, the reader comes in. You wouldn't, after all, stop by someone's house and just stand there staring at them... I'm sure words would be exchanged at some point in time!

I can almost guarantee inconsistent frequency, unless of course you would like to pay me many dollars for my efforts {uh oh... secret's out, I can be bought!}. I will, however, try to be predictable in style and quality.

Looky there... I've played with my new toy. Now to publish so I can make sure I haven't broken the damned thing!


Blogger Swifty said...

This is good stuff, but please make it better by changing the godawful colour scheme. As it stands I think a lot of people will not hang around very long as it kinda strains the eyes.

PS. This is not just my opinion. If you read anything on Web design they will mention the importance of legibility. Aint I a pain in the ass?

Don Swift

4:19 AM  
Blogger mamalujo1 said...

Hi Carol, it's me. Friday night, and I've got some time to spend looking at your blog, especially, as you noted to me, by going to the first one. A new toy, indeed. I haven't gone through many of your other older posts, yet, but will be. Thanks again for your encouragement. I can echo your thoughts about wanting to write. This helps. Talk to you later!

11:22 PM  
Blogger happyandblue2 said...

Nothing is better than reading the first post on a blog.
Your first post is a good indication of the greatness that follows.
Mine said Test,test, ha,ha..

8:11 AM  

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