May 11, 2013

Birds-of-Paradise Project

Beautiful. Natural. Alluring. A dance of love.


January 07, 2013

Everything is Different  - I'm Not in Kansas Anymore
Wowwie wow wow! I go away from blogging for a time (okay, a long, long time) and I come back unable to upload an image or video from my computer. I feel so far out of whatever loop I was once  in, that I wonder if I can continue this activity at all or just find another, simpler writing venue; a lined leaf of paper, perhaps ... with a smooth writing implement?
Where've I been? What have I been doing with my long, cold New England winters and hot summers? Nothing exotic ... just keeping out of trouble with alternate forms of release. I've enjoyed a good and fine run with a YouTube channel, I continued and maintained my Facebook which I held ever since they allowed "civilians" to help keep it alive (... and don't be fooled, we did). 
I was never overly fond of FB because initially, there was a lack of privacy ... and then as they tweaked their system, they sometimes neglected to tell supporters, leaving us floundering until we could hook up with someone who had already sorted their way around the joint. Jeeze... there were times when I had my li'l finger right on that delete button, only to remember dear old Aunt Cornelia's face upon learning that I, the very person responsible to getting HER into the damn thing, have now left her flat! There is no Aunt Cornelia, but there were others in her position, I assure you!
Regardless of what all I have or haven't been doing ... I like to kick back and return to the old haunt; to this... to stringing together a few words and leaving a sometimes-disjointed or confusing canvas for those willing to stick around this long.
I'll leave a list today for lack of a more intriguing or spiritually motivated post. People still like lists, don't they? Well, they used to... I used to. I still do. It's something that helps bring out a smidgen of the blogger's personality or "persona" to the light of day.
I still don't like that I can't add pictures here, and I still don't like that I can't toss a li'l video clip into a blogging space. And that's not my list... but I thought I'd throw it out there in case I'm missing something and they DO allow uploads from a hard drive. If so, can someone for the love of beans just let me know where they are hiding the access?
Oh yes... the list.
Things That Have Given Me a Chuckle or Two in the Past Couple of Days:
1. A man on line behind Ed and I in a department store. He was wearing the worst and cheesiest toupee I've ever seen in my life, even on sketch actors! It looked like it came straight out of a costume shop. Oh but that wasn't it... he was purchasing a small doorway rug. Swear. I'm betting just BETTING he was spending more on that doorway rug than he had on the one he stuck on his head.
2. Realizing that Ed and I could ice-fish from our family room! We could drill then set up the flags in a few holes then run back into the house and just look out back on the pond while sitting near the fireplace and watching something wholesome like Sopranos. (love our Sopranos marathons)
3. We have watched and re-watched Sopranos - the entire series - so many times now that either of us could quite possibly complete any movie-quote one might start, yet, while watching it the other day, I noticed yet another directing blooper. A scene where Tony and Carmella were dining out on their anniversary and discussing his lack of attention paid to her lately ... her arms were bent, elbows on table and hands folded at chin then down below the table ... on again off again in several quick clips of either listening to or speaking to Tony! Hard to envision, but it was quite comical as no one could possibly move their arms up and down that often and that quickly. So they chopped up the scene where the camera faced her to "speak" and then faced the back of her head to "listen" ... I mean chopped it POORLY!  I dunno... gave me a chuckle.
4. The fact that I can't upload from my own laptop to put an image or video clip in my own blog anymore. Great. Not liking this no way, no how. I chuckle because it's just one more thing in life, as I start seeing sixty way up the road ... that makes me to feel just a wee bit less "in touch with the world" anymore... a bit out of the loop ... or just plain not in Kansas anymore!
Toodles till again ...

January 02, 2010

New Year ... New Cover

Happy New Year to all !

>> The music you are hopefully listening to (unless it's been edited out) is Stormy Weather by my all-time favorite vocal artist, Joni Mitchell <<

June 02, 2009

I Got Nothin ~ Pretend This is a Really Good Post

Read Between the Lines ?

1. Some days I find that I just can't be creative in any way at all; can't write, can't rhyme, can't hold a damn note, can't even play chopsticks. I stare at the TV and get plenty of exercise rolling my eyes as I flip through the channels... then I try to spend some time online but nothing there feels really satisfying either. I always wish, on days like that, that I could have bottled up some of that creativity - then I could just pop the top of that bottle and get on with a good day. But I know this guy who would have told me "That's part of the problem, Haggie... you should have been wishing you could bottle up the satisfaction you got from the those things instead... then you could still sit around doing absolutely nothing but you'd be totally content." Hm.

2. One thing I find a bit bothersome ... much of my writing in this blog has been in a rather nostalgic vein. Let me rephrase that. Much of what I'd consider my good writing in this blog has been in a nostalgic vein. Some, though not too much, was informative. Why then, for all the wine in France, are my stats telling me that I get more hits on "How To Kill a Frog" than any other piece? Are there that many people out there trying to kill frogs? Why? If they're not trying to kill them, why are they interested in reading about how it's done? (which, by the way, the piece has very little to do with)

3. A ninety-four year-old woman last week received some sort of transplant. I admit to thinking "Cripes - why?" while reading the article. Then I substituted her name with my ma's and it all made crystal clear sense. I wonder what means to prolong life they will come up with by the time, and if by some freakish chance, I should turn ninety-four.

4. Apparently I will be heavy, slow, achy and grouchy in my older age and I will have only faint memories of those old catcalls and whistles as I used to hear while walking by the fellas (sigh), but one thing I will not have is droopy earlobes. My earlobes, I am thrilled to report, are as perky now as they were thirty years ago and as whole as they were on May 14, 1955.

5. There are some very, very popular and well-loved folks who I just cannot bring myself to fully appreciate. I will list a few ... and we can probably just go ahead call this bullet note "Who Does Hag Think She Is Anyway?"

~Billy Joel ~ He's just never been a favorite of mine and although I can appreciate his writing skills, I think I've only ever truly loved one or two of his complete compositions. There, it's said. Phew.

~Tina Turner ~ I feel for the gal for having had a rough start (and finish) with Ike, but there are probably over two hundred women on any given day living through that mess and worse; I'm just not sure how much credit she merits for having had poor judgement. I find her style to be screechy and annoying ... ALWAYS ... after the first few moments of any given tune. I do, however, give her major props for all three of her dance moves. Oh. Did I write that out loud?

~Bob Hope ~ It's not that I disliked him, and in fact, I quite enjoyed some of the old "Road to..." movies and stand-up routines. I guess as I got a li'l older, I started to feel he was drying up and maybe even (I dare say) losing the lustre - comically. It happens ... but the media kept dragging poor Bob out again and again to guest spot on talk shows and the like, and his delivery by that time was so downright awful that I used to wriggle uncomfortably in my seat just watching. I know I know ... he did fine things for the troops. For all of that, he was a marvelous and benevolent soul, but comically, he just didn't move me all that much.
---Blogger won't let me leave a space here for some reason, so I hope it's just in the editing mode and will turn out looking okay. Anyone know how to make it do that when it won't recognize the return/enter key? ---
~Paul Simon ~ What can I say? I loved Simon & Garfunkel. I love Art Garfunkel and think he's one of the most under-rated artists of his (our) time. On the other hand there are very few Paul Simon tunes (written and performed by him) that really move me to emotion. When they did, they REALLY did ... but most just didn't. I see him as a quite the snot nose and I don't think there's anything particularly spectacular about his voice.

Like I said --- I know it's not very sexy to dislike the folks listed above, but as is true of most of my endeavors, I ain't goin' for sexy. Plus - it felt kind of good to finally get that in writing.

Surely there's someone in today's spotlight that you aren't particularly fond of ... care to mention it either in a comment or in your own post? I'd love to know about it.

Wishes for a fine rest-o-the-week to all ... and thanks for reading!