February 19, 2005

So Why Do I Write About Me?

I'm not very good at writing fiction. Perhaps one day I can try my hand at this, but I'm thinking it might be good to get all the real stuff out of the way first. I have lived a rather colorful existence and throughout my various journeys and adventures, on many occasions, someone - somewhere has inevitably said to me "you've got to write a book." True we all hear this from time to time, but I have taken it quite to heart by now. While that is in the works, I'm having a ball tossing snippets out there by way of this medium.

The single underlying theme I'm going for in all my revelations is ~ stuff happens, but ya gotta bounce back or you might as well crawl into a cave for the rest of your days. I know, long theme. Long list of "stuff" that's happened. I've only just begun to scrape the sides of my little adventure-bowl.

As people read my personal stories, they'll see sparks of humor now and again ... mixed right in with the drama. That's what makes my recipe a little unusual. No credit to me, I was born with a knack to look for humor, irony and the lighter side of darkness. Most importantly, I would like people to understand that I'm having a blast recreating situations and reminiscing. I may have the occasional tear in my eye as I write about dark events, but since crying is what separates us from animals, I don't see this as a negative. Besides, as Joni Mitchell said "laughing and crying, ya know, it's the same release."

I've said all this to drive home the point that I'm not looking to gain sympathy or kudos, to incite anger or bitterness toward anyone concerned, or to pretend that my life was either so much better or so much worse than anyone else's. I simply want to get it all out there and gain a sense of accomplishment in this regard.

One might call this a mid-life crisis ... my timing that is. As I sit here in my fiftieth year, I figure it's time to document as much as I can so that one day, my offspring can have some point of reference when she starts to wonder why I view the world the way I do. My writings won't hold all the answers for her ... they can't. They are MY take on life, after all. But all that people experience (or don't experience) in their years is what makes them who they are today. At the very least, it's my hope she can see me in a different light, a brighter light, than she did before. If in the process of enlightening my daughter, I should happen to mildly entertain some friends and strangers, all the better!


Blogger Wally said...


"I've only just begun to scrape the sides of my little adventure-bowl."

I simply love that line! But, ye be prepared, Weary Hag! Because, I will always be looking and asking for another gracious helping from that wonderful bowl!

10:19 AM  
Blogger Swifty said...

Well, well! Once again, you've shown another side to yourself. What a beautifully expressed account of your personal philosophy. You have a rare balance in your outlook, and are not attempting to bend anyone towards your own point of view. I've no doubt that when the time comes, your fiction will be a rare treat. Carol, you're a natural.

11:06 AM  
Blogger brooksba said...


I am glad that you are sharing the stories with your daughter and the rest of us strangers are getting a great treat.

As for fiction, that's fine and all, but who needs fiction? Your stories are terrific and true. That makes them even more identifiable and wonderful.

I completely agree about looking for the humor and lighter sides of a tough situation. If you can't look back and laugh, why look back?

I also wouldn't call it a mid-life crisis. One doesn't have to be in the middle of their life to sit back, reflect, and laugh. I know my friends and I tell stories all the time to show where we've been, what's helped shape us, and I wouldn't say any of my friends are in a mid-life crisis. We just enjoy a good story (or hundreds).

Love your writing, keep it up!


2:50 PM  
Blogger CarpeDM said...

I know that the media belief is that bloggers are self-absorbed but isn't that the whole point of a web log, to write about ourselves?

I, for one, enjoy your stories. I also know that people have enjoyed some of mine.

A lot of the stuff that I write about is to cleanse my soul of some of the darker times of my life. And if I can do it by looking back and laughing about it, so much better, right?

I really, really like your writing.

10:42 AM  
Blogger Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Thank you. I do not have the courage to bare my soul in blogland. I do so privately for reasons similar to yours. I will email you when I'm not zonked from not being able to sleep.
Continue "going for it!."
Oh, how I'd love to meet you for coffee although I don't drink coffee...I can imagine the conversation flowing as freely as charged ripples of water. The energy is palpable.

4:05 AM  
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