February 21, 2005

It's Not Such a Bad Day

I've been in a sort of funk today. Then I heard a news story that reminded me of another news story, that collectively made me realize what a good day I'm actually having. Some people just have very, very, very bad days.

In Arkansas, either today or yesterday, a 66 year-old woman had a heart attack. Her loved one calls an ambulance, which picks her up to transport her to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, the ambulance gets hit by a train. I wish I was kidding. But it gets better. Everyone in the ambulance was killed (three paramedics) but the woman was not. Her loved one, who was following behind the ambulance in their car, scrambled her out of the ambulance at the train wreck scene and drives her to the hospital in their car. She is resting comfortably. Amazing.

The earlier news story landed in my lap about a month ago. This UPS driver (parcel delivery service for you non-Statees) in Keane, New Hampshire was driving his truck and had a terrible accident. An ambulance showed up and hauled the guy to the hospital where it was determined that his head injury would require the use of some sort of very technical equipment to save his life. One problem. The equipment had been out of service and the part they ordered for it had yet to be delivered to the hospital. They tracked the package and you guessed it ... it was on the UPS truck the man was driving to the hospital! The part was retrieved from the scene of the accident, installed into the equipment, and the guy's life was saved.

I didn't make this stuff up. Do a Google search; type in something like "incredible shit that happens to people" and you'll probably find the stories.

My funk is waning. Maybe it's the stories, maybe it's blogging about the stories, maybe it's the CCR that I have cranked in the room here, or maybe a combination of the three. In any case. I'm heading off now to do a little jig.


Blogger Wally said...


I have a hard time picking up the newspaper these days, anymore. There are so many depressing stories that I'm in a totaly bad mood before I can even get to the comics. Especially. when it has to do with harm coming to small children. Anyway, I know that it's a part of life, and I do my best to deal with it.
So, how's the vacation been?

*CCR? I think I'll crank up some, Willie and the Poor Boys, myself! ;-)

2:28 PM  
Blogger brooksba said...

Hi Carol,

These stories are interesting to hear. I know that strange stuff happens, yet I'm surprised every time I hear about them. Thanks for sharing!


2:14 AM  
Blogger Swifty said...

Every cloud has a silver lining, and there's always a light at the end of the tunnel - problem is, it's always a fucking train heading towards me! Hehe. Just kidding. I couldn't really add to the comments already made but felt the need to have my say. Attention seeking I guess.


4:47 AM  

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