March 09, 2005

Dirty Old Bloggers

Still quite new at this method of release (blogging), I am slowly learning my way around the various features and the lousy pitfalls.

In the early mornings, I enjoy peeking into several sites that I have found to be quite down-to-earth, entertaining, educational, humorous, artful, sarcastically brainy or perhaps, all of the above. Following this activity, I have now spent several days sitting for an hour or two just weaving myself through the
tangled web that is the "next blog" feature.

On rare occasion, the ever-elusive great blog presents itself and I can spend many minutes reading through much of the writings and feeling as though I've hit paydirt. I make a mental note of such blogs or bookmark them for return visits. But that's what we all do ... and that's not what this post is about.

I would just like to know, for the love of all that is green is springtime, what the hell goes through some people's minds as they sit down and dedicate precious moments of their lives to blogging? When I first started my own site, a wonderful friend advised me against the color scheme I chose. It was the black
background that you see now, but with red font. I guess I liked the contrast, and thought it looked pretty cool. My friend warned me however, that people don't need distraction while reading, they need "easy on the eyes." He suggested I use white or gray in my font, and thus my blog, as it is now, took shape.

Now that I've traveled on this particular road a bit, I can see that many others could use this fine advice. I was dragged to a site this morning which featured a red background with purple (not even dark, but light purple) font. I thought I was going to lose my breakfast. I'd rather watch my car rust than sit for too long a time staring at this mess. Needless to say, I didn't stay more than ten seconds. I couldn't tell you if this person had anything worth reading or not. It's a shame, really.

Another site I ended up at, featured little boxes all over it with chat screens and annoying icons in every corner. Right off the bat ... too busy ... moving on, thank you. Yet another site changed my cursor into a skull and yelled at me (in caps) to either leave a comment or go f*ck myself. "Okay," I thought, "If I must make a choice, I'd just as soon give the latter a go." And onward I traveled.

I do understand that people who blog have a right to do so in whatever style or fashion they desire. I almost always buy into the whole "to each his own" bit as well, but what genius came up with an option to have these god forsaken pop-up boxes that won't let you pass until you click to the next one, and the next one and the next one? I tried the other day to bypass one of these annoying sites and my server froze up leaving me no choice but to close down completely. What utter nonsense.

This could be, however a way to weed out the people who don't even deserve a blog. We could ban them forever from every blogdom on the Internet. Perhaps I should send a suggestion to the Blogger folks. Anyone who opts for this rude, pop-up form of self-expression should be likened to the dirty old man who stands in the shadows wearing only an overcoat ~ waiting for unsuspecting passersby to flaunt his fleshy package. They should be banned from any form of free speech for two years and should lose their right to blog forever.

Ugh. It's not always easy to be me between five and seven in the morning.


Blogger Swifty said...


I don't know if you remember my 'old blog' - sigh - but there were a couple of posts on there in defence of blogging. I'm a great believer in the virtue of a free publishing platform for the masses, BUT, that doesn't mean we've got to like the stuff that's presented to us. And for sure, in terms of colour schemes and legibility it's not just a matter of personal taste, it's a FACT (and I try not to use this word too often) that visual discomfort inhibits interest. Yes, you're so right, they are pants (a new derogatory word in the UK), or to use a word you're probably more familiar with, the pits.

To reiterate, I would give my life (figuratively speaking) fighting for the right of everyone to use a free blogging platform, but oh how I wish they would take a bit more care with aesthetics, spelling, and most important of all, content.

I know this rant puts me on the block and I can envisage your readers thinking who is this pompous prick, but so be it.

It goes without saying you're site is exempt from all of the above criticisms, and should be an object lesson to all of us in how to gain a readers attention, especially in the most important area of all, the writing - Excellent construction, good yarns, humour, pathos, and importantly, climaxing to perfection.

I'm sorry for making this overlong, but it occurred to me as I was writing that perhaps I ought to abandon my blog, and take to writing more lengthy comments on yours. At least this way I've more chance of being read.

One last word: I hurriedly commented on your last post 'Paint by Letters' and forgot to mention the part of it I enjoyed most - your likening of writing to painting. Class. When I see ideas expressed like this, I think - damn, I wish I'd said that!


4:29 AM  
Blogger Sask 1 said...

I think you choose the template that you think best xpresses who you are.Some i know from random browsing are difficult to read.
I started my Blog just as a place to vent my frustrations and document things about me and my life.

10:28 AM  
Blogger John said...

You chose well with the colors Carol, the red font would have been difficult to read against the black background. The black looks great and the font is easy to read, for me anyway.

There are some really bad sites out there aren't there! Not that mine is the greatest thing going... But at least no one screams at you or tells you to leave...

11:49 AM  
Blogger pete said...

I agree that free expression is great. That said, there "ought to be a law!" Some of these things give me a headache! What are these people thinking! Not to mention all of the advertising blogs that are out there now, low mortgage rates, etc. Surely Blogger can come up with some way to deal with that. I have become quite frustrated with "next blogging" lately. Maybe only about one in a hundred worthy of stopping at. So I have taken to linking to blogs through blogs I like. Much more rewarding. I think your template is great! (same as mine) :) I prefer blogs with good content and photos. Not for all the littly flashy gimmicks.

12:18 PM  
Blogger brooksba said...

Hi Carol,

I agree with you about finding the non-pleasing to the eye blogs when surfing the "Next Blog" at the top. But then, sometimes you find a gem. I just figure that I can pass by those sites, not interested. My way of not supporting them is by not leaving a comment or by not reading.


3:17 PM  
Blogger GeorgeMikey said...

The irritating mini pop up 'wanker' boxes are just as annoying as when you hit 'next blog' and the next blog hasn't got a 'next blog' box so you have to go back, then 'next blog' - you know what I mean.

I enjoy the blogs with a couple of postings, one of them saying how 'all my friends have been saying why haven't I done my blog lately, they miss it' then there's no comments at all.

5:26 AM  

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