May 01, 2009

Blogger Canvass

* G-man got tired of posing and sauntered off *

Happy weekend!

I've put together some questions about blogging for anyone who would like to participate ... you can think of it as a survey if you'd like ~ to absolutely no end other than satisfying my curiosity ~ or you can think of it as a fun post (?) to use for a rainy day when all else, topically, seems to fail.

Just for the sake of Naming Things, let's call this :


Weary Hag's Blogger Canvass

1. While typing - do you prefer classic or italics? [my own answers are below]

2. While reading - do you prefer classic or italics?

3. Worst experience while blogging? [i.e. page froze, lost data, caught using dated or false info, typos - what made you gasp - even a li'l]

4. Best experience while blogging? [i.e. new friendship/relationship formed, wrote a post that was just short of genius, learned new com tech skill, etc]

5. Let's assume you're an avid blogger - someone at an intimate dinner or party suggests that blogging is for idiots. In what way do you beat the dog meat out of them - [read: handle the situation] - if at all?

6. Do you pass your blog URL out to people like sneeze molecules or do you generally keep it to yourself and your own group of mutual blog buddies?

7. Do you share your blog with family [children/spouse/siblings/parents] or do you deliberately keep it from them?

8. This is for those who only use a fabricated name when blogging: Do you ever wish you could tell people just exactly who you really are or are you content to remain anonymous to the masses?

9. This is for those who use their true name when blogging: Do you ever wish you had remained anonymous or are you pleased as punch to get your real self out there?

10. Of these - which is your favorite genre to read in the blogging community: [choose ONLY one]

a) how-to & advice, b) brief topics covered with a comedic edge, c) personal adventures or experiences, d) photos with captions, e) up-to-the-minute newsy type stories told with blogger's perspective or spin

11. From one to ten, when reading a blog post ... do spelling & grammar really count? (not the occasional typo). One: they don't count in the least .............. Ten: stop reading midstream and move on.

12. Have you been approached to write a book or magazine article or to contribute to an existing publication in any way, solely based upon your blog? (and I don't mean by smokinbettylou or tedthetool)

13. Do you prefer the read & comment type of post or the interactive style (like this one)?

14. Which applies to you most often? a) I read and comment, b) I read and move along ...

15. Are you involved in any other networking venues or is blogging your one and only? [i.e. FB, YT, MSpace, LiveJournal, Classmates, photo hosting sites, etc.] No need to name them unless you want to ...


I'd love to see bloggers' answers to these questions ... if you'd like to participate, could you let me know so that I can read your post?

My own answers are below ~ but I laid it out this way so that you could just copy/paste the questions themselves from above without having to go back and delete my responses.


Weary Hag's Answers:

1. Italics

2. Classic --- so somebody loses every time. If you prefer to type in itals, the ones who prefer to read in classic are bagged. And vice versa. I'm even screwing myself! Oh lord.

3. It's a toss-up between a lost post that was about 40k or a really insulting and sucky comment of a personal nature... both made me gasp

4. I "met" folks like Judy, and Dave Morris, Tabor and Walker and Paul, Bug, Coll and Colleen, and that's enough naming because I know I'll leave out too many important people. We don't connect daily [anymore] but they have truly become pieces to my life-jigsaw now and they would be sorely missed if they fell under a couch cushion.

5. I would simply HAVE to say something in defense of blogging. Trouble is, they might be sorry they opened that particular can of worms... I could talk about the benefits and addiction to blogging for hours. No, I mean it.

6. I used to keep it to my blogging buds only. Now I shamelessly share it with other Net contacts (my YT channel, my MySpaces). I don't know. As I age and become more fragile, I feel it's important that people know I'm here. Well, that and ... when you realize you've virtually disappeared in certain (FAMILY) circles you were once a part of ... you clamor to recapture some sense of visibility.

7. I've shared. Only my husband shows interest. Soooo wait - doesn't this mean I can badmouth all the rest? HaH! I'm thinking Y to the ES!

8. Weary Hag has become such a part of me now. In fact, I don't know for sure that I haven't become such a part of her ... I'm ever-amazed when I google those words, either smushed together or separate ... all the leads that come up. I used to be anonymous. Now everyone who has ever asked pretty much knows I'm Carol, or Bflat (my music persona). Anonymity lasted about a week for me; I find it tough to stay the course.

9. Oh. I think there's much to be said for anonymity in the blogging community. That said though ... I must point you back to my answer number six above.

10. Shit. I've asked a question I hate. If I can only choose one that leaves out about four bloggers who I love. But ... I must choose only one ~ "c" ... probably not a huge surprise to anyone reading.

11. I give this a strong six. There's spell check and if you know you have issues with spelling ... use the mofo. If you have that "I don't give a hoot" attitude, then well ... how can I? As to grammar, I can be more forgiving, but since this Hag has coupled it with spelling - my answer is a strong six.

12. As freaking if. (I will say that I was approached by a "tedthetool" many years back in ICQ ... but he could neither spell a word nor use it in a sentence so ... )

13. Reading and commenting IS interactive, you silly Hag. I think people will understand the subtle difference here ... and I do like to interact. Spinning Girl has a nice little interactive post almost once a week; a little word game. Fun times.

14. Oh... if I read, I usually comment. Exceptions: house on fire, hairball from one of three cats near foot, I totally don't understand what's being said or have nothing at all positive to contribute no matter how simple, but even then I'd usually say something like "I don't get it." I'm a tawka --- I comment.

15. Wordpress (inactive), YT (highly active), Facebook (inactive), MySpace (active but only as a link to my YT! ) Blogger & YouTube are my faves.

To all who enter here ... thank you for coming.

To all who read my posts ... thank you so very much for taking the time to read me.

To all who read my posts and interact with me in any way such as: PM, email or comment ... you truly give me reason to keep the Outpost open and this is such a positive thing in my life ~ love yiz for this.


Blogger Tabor said...

Away from my house and using my hubby's laptop which means freaking me out! I hate laptop keyboards. Maybe when I bet back I will answer some of these...or just post my tons of bird pictures. Glad you are forgiving about the grammar.

1:24 PM  
Blogger kenju said...

Interesting questions, Carol, for which I hope I can give interesting answers. I pasted it into a word doc, so I'll be doing it - I just don't know how soon I'll be able to. I'll let you know when.

7:22 PM  
Blogger David said...

I left my Canvass responses but they didn't get on here for some reason or another...

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a good survey. I think I'll be doing it later, as you said - good post for a day where you have nothing. That said, kitties! So very cute.

2:20 PM  
Blogger Walker said...

1. I cnta ytep
2. Braile, I'm blind drunk most times
3. Lost half my blog due to Blogger budget cuts
4. Lost half my blog due to Blogger budget cuts
5. I leave a comment on his wifes blog
6. I stand still and let people find me so I don;t have to feel guilty that they read me
7. No, I write about them and i need the inheritance
8. What I am not really Walker?
Who am I......

10. "D" because its my favorite cup size
11. I can't spell so its all the same to me so ummmm one i guess
12. I have been asked but who has time with blogging
13. Depends how good the pot is
14. oh i have to say something LOL
15. Nope blogging and raising kids more than enough

1:14 AM  
Blogger Tabor said...

Finally commented, babe. You can go to my blog where I gave you much recognition...;-)

9:07 AM  
Blogger Darlene said...

Tabor sent me over and I just filled out your questionnaire on my blog, 'Darlene's Hodgepodge'. I will be posting it in a couple of days.

It's fun to answer these kind of questions, but I always think of better answers after it has been posted. Sigh!

3:31 PM  
Blogger MYSTIC said...

They have got to be the fattest cats in the world. Fat Cat! I will work on the questions later, Mo want me and you know how testy she can get.

10:35 PM  
Anonymous colleen said...

Hi Weary! I may try this one. I'll let you know and I enjoyed reading your answers. You're (tawking) voice always comes through.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Ugich Konitari said...




anything is fine


Page freezing is very routine. I've once written what I felt was a decent post, and it wouldnt save at all. Then I went to the door to answer the doorbell, got delayed there and there was a power outage (Quite routine here in Mumbai). I never found that post again. Hmm.


I have made some wonderful friends amongst the bloggers here in Mumbai. Sight unseen we had an initial lunch meeting and the system continues ro thrive, the bloggers being a great mix of ages, occupations, backgrounds second experience is writing a post for a comepetetion, and having blogger friends writing in in droves across the world. So many people who only knew me as a name !


I am already practicing a method of raising my eyebrows and looking down , sideways, at them in a superior manner. Works most of the time. :-)

I have no fixed policy on this. Mostly I write and people land up to read. What is gratifying is when someone from some place like Finland lands up. I have never figured out why...


I deliberately keep it from them.


No. I enjoy my pseudonym. It means ," anyone, just like that" , in my native language, but I have had people ask me whether its Japanese :-) . many folks think I am a young person, and are suitable amazed to know that I am as old as their mother....






They dont count. So long it communicates something to me. Why does everyone think they are Shakespeare ? (Where I blog from English is a second language for many. And its amazing how heartfelt thoughts bursting forth ungrammatically, can convey wonderful stuff....)


I have had bloggers asking me to write, and some (Liily) even asking me when the book is coming out. But sorry to say, I just checked at the door, and I dont see a line of publishers hankering there.....



14. .

I read and comment

not really.


12:00 AM  
Blogger Weary Hag said...

TABOR - It took me a long while to get used to the laptop keyboard, but it's like second nature to me now. Love that you answer blogs even though you're away. lol AND... thank you for doing the li'l canvass and sharing it with your friends! Muchly appreciated!

KENJU - Judy... this is a longgg survey and I should have shortened it by about ... oh, maybe 15 questions or so but ya live and learn. In any case, thank you so much for all your continue support. You're a dear friend.

DAVID - I'm not sure if you're David from YT or not, but you would need to open a blog - which isn't a bad idea my friend! If you're not him - well, in any case, thank you for coming by and reading.

DANA - Thank for coming by again... another fine friend and constant supporter. How'd I get so lucky! And yes...when in doubt about a post, toss up an animal shot or two. lol

WALKER - Thank you for coming by again. I did try to get into your blog on three occasions, different days even ... and it freezes every time I try. It almost loads, then stops and in fact, froze my computer once too. Sorry! Thank you so much for doing the survey!

DARLENE - How sweet of you to answer my questions. It was an oddball thing to begin with, but a few of the questions do tell me a bit about the person.... and that's always fun. Thanks for doing it... greatly appreciated!

MYSTIC - Well now I wish they were still the fattest cats in the world, but my Maine Coon had taken ill a while back and is now a scrawny li'l peanut. He was 23 pounds at one time... is now about 12, but very healthy. The other two are also real old and have begun the slow journey, I'm afraid. Thanks for coming by my friend!

COLLEEN - I'll drop by one of these days, promise. I have a pretty funny 'just for Colleen' story too. So nice to see you and thank you for hearing my voice. :)

UGICH KONITARI - I like what your name means in your language. Thank you so much for responding to my questions. I know it was a long survey and some of the questions seemed senseless, but it was nice to get to know your likes and dislikes in blogging.

7:43 AM  
Blogger Sandy said...

Like some of the others, I will have to ponder my answers before committing them to blogspace.. but right off the bat I wanted to say "thanks!" for creating an interesting subject and discussion. I have a relative who is terminally ill and I chose to be more anonymous because I wanted the freedom to speak out on the illness, but when I acquired a new relationship and wanted to share our adventures, suddenly his family wanted to know why he had to be anonymous as well. And they weren't crazy about his 'new' name, either. It's been another aspect of the adventure in blogging.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Barb said...

Hi, Carol!! I've been out of touch on this blog for a bit, but hope to be making a comeback soon. I like this survey, and since I seldom pass up a chance to give my two-cents worth, I will take some time later to do this. Hope you don't mind that it is 4 weeks late!

Here's hoping you are well!


12:03 PM  
Blogger Shelly Baril said...

Hey there from Kansas haha! Seriously, girl you got grit. I will have to take a little more time and delve into this morsel of lit. Right now my eyes are burning and the poochie has passed out at my feet! What a sight! She makes me so sleepy when she does that....Well, its pumpkin time and I will be back again and soon! TTFN, Shelly

12:16 AM  

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