April 06, 2008

Feeding Time for Gunther

This is just a quick video post as proof that I am still amongst the living. No thanks, I'm afraid, to the MonaVie which I spoke of in my previous post. It's not that it didn't benefit me ~ I just couldn't handle the way it was repeating on me for hours after my bedtime dose. I could have taken it earlier in the evening ~ even with or just after dinner, but I'm starting to wear thread-bare on "try this" and "try that."

I cannot report on the benefits to my triglycerides as my doctor hasn't ordered that particular bloodwork as yet. Damn. That was something I was most curious about.

The jury is still out on the overall benefits, but I can attest to the fact that for me, at least, it layed heavily in my tummy just before bedtime.

Hope you all are well and happy and enjoying the subtle hints of spring in the air! Please, if you haven't already done ~ give the video clip a peek. It's one of my best efforts of late.

Thanks for stopping in!