July 07, 2008

Remember My Letters?

If you've been hanging around Hagquarters for more than a few months now, you may recall my unsent letter posts. That's where I took care of some unfinished bidness and wrote some nasty and some nice Dear-so-and-so letters for all the world to see. Okay maybe all the world is a tad hopeful... still, it was fun ... it was release and it got the job done.

Here's one I should have included in those, but can't think of a better day to stick it into the files between D and F ~

Dear Ed ...

I'd say "Dear Mr. Hag" but not today. It is your birthday, after all, and you weren't born with that label.

Where to begin? I really like that you took the risk and answered my online personal ad nearly nine years ago; VERY cool move on your part.

You are so many things to me that it would be impossible to list them all. The patience and attention you serve up to me on a silver platter every day of your life are beyond compare.

You're the strongest man I've ever known.

I'm so proud to be with you, anytime, anwhere ... sometimes I just feel like bursting open so everyone can see the glory in my heart! Phew. You DO that to me.

For fifty-four years now, you've worked hard to be as charming, sweet, loving, caring and sexy as you are today; or did you? Were you just plain born this good?

I do love you, Ed.

Happy birthday, dear husband!

All my love ...
Your Hag