May 06, 2008

Out of the Closet and Into the Living Room ...

It's been such a long month! Whenever I see my last posted date, I'm amazed that so much time has passed.

Quick health update ... things are looking up. Somewhat. I'm on my feet ... enjoying fun activities once again and actually looking forward to new days as I wake up in the morning. Hints of summer have lots to do with that, but I can't discount my marvelous support system here (Ed and SJ) and my new best friend, Synthroid (thyroid medication).

I'm still not entirely happy with the aches and pains ... the stiffness at seemingly random times, and my inability to lose more weight. I did lose about 11 pounds since I wrote last, but with my need for immediate gratification - that's just not good enough yet.

Monavie. Thanks to those who have passed on tips or other comments regarding what I've come to refer to as the magical elixir. I wish I could have given a more fruitful report after all this time, but I had to stop using it. If it was helping with my hot flashes, my sleep patterns and emotional well being ... it was killing my wallet. No can do. I cannot give a report on my blood pressure, my triglycerides, or any such 'tested' type results because I wasn't using it long enough to have the approapriate tests. The jury, I'm afraid, remains out ... on the Monavie. Sorry.

A friend of mine thought I would be nuts to put myself out here voice-naked (bearing it all) to anyone who still stops in ... but you know what? What the heck. I'm 52+ and I'll do what I darn well please with my blog. Even if that means being the single most inconsistent participant on earth.

Hope you'll give a peek to the clip. I promise... you'll live through it.

Thank for coming here ...