November 21, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving! We only get one time around ... eat, drink and be merry (or weary - 'sup to you)!

November 16, 2007


Just a photo treat from my camera to your eyes
~ I don't like it when people dial a wrong number and upon reaching me by mistake just say something classy like "shit" and hang up on my face. The ones who have a particularly crusty set on them are those who have been doing this since the installation of Caller ID. Sometimes, I even let them know just how crusty their set is and Star69 them ... depends on my mood at the time.

~ Being a non-smoker hasn't made me any less cranky in this regard - I still resent the hell out of the discrimination laid on tobacco users. I think it would be marvelous if say, some day, they discover that smoking while you're very very chilly can actually FIX cancer and build strong bones. (this would of course be most helpful to the users who are forced to stand outdoors and freeze their asses off just for the sake of two minutes of quiet sanity)

~ I can't figure out if I've already had my just desserts or not. Sometimes I lay awake at night and scratch my head in wonder over this.

~ I'm kinda enjoying this whole menopause thang. I mean, when else can I be pardoned for acting like a dollbaby one minute and a complete loon the next? When else can I blame my hormones on the empty pie plate or crumpled party size M&M bag? Can we talk? When else can I forget (ahem) allll about an important appointment that I had when I really never wanted to go in the first place? At what other time in my life could I have been so readily forgiven for my sharp tongue and oversized mid-section? So very much is forgiven in the name of menopause. I say BRING IT, baby.

I captioned this years ago but it seemed so ... appropriate

~ While going through drawers and closets one day last week, I realized something atrocious. I not only own, but still WEAR clothing that I know for a fact was purchased at least fifteen years ago and in one particular case, well over twenty. I cannot care any less about this, but I like the word "atrocious" and I felt like it fit here.

~ Fried rice is possibly the only food item that I will eat regardless of not knowing exactly what's gone into it. No, seriously. They could put diced lizard ass into that stuff and I'd be like "Oh YUMMMM this is soooo good!"

~ I was talking on the phone with my oldest sister yesterday. She left home to join the convent at fifteen years old. I was five. Took me all these years to realize that this sister doesn't even really and truly know me very well at all. Hm. Could be why we have such a fun time of it chit-chatting. All that nasty familiarity crap doesn't stand in the way. Know what I'm sayin?

~ I'm listening to BB King/Eric Clapton's CD Riding With the King. I can't get enough of the blues. Oh, I'm not blue though - I'm in a rather sparkly mood right now. I really like it when people list their mood or the music they are currently listening to as they write. I've always wanted to remember to do that so ~ there you have it.

SRV, Janis, BB/Clapton

~ We purchased the coolest new doors for the house. Our storm door (Pella) is the type that has a roll-up screen on it so you can get through the seasons without having to remove screens or switch out glass for screen, etc. You just lift the handle (midway up the door) and push it to the top and voila! you've got a full-glass storm door. Roll it back down and you've got half screen again. It does another trick too. You can just tap the bottom bar with your foot and the door stays open by itself - no little metal clip to slide along the tension bar. I'm so excited by all of this.

~ You don't even want to get me started about laminate flooring or vinyl soffits. Oh good lord and I all but jump up and down discussing window trim and bathroom tile patterns. Seriously. I get like a little kid on Christmas morning as each new job gets completed at the house. So much work has been done now ... the place looks brand new on the outside and fairly new on the inside too! Okay so maybe I could stand to get out a little more, but then, with such a pretty and brandy new environment, why would I want to?

please note half finished stoop

Now be a good doobie. Read below and help a Hag, won't you?

BLOG QUESTION #1: So what's the best place to put a photo slideshow into nowadays, kiddies? I want to include a bunch of single-topic pics but don't want to put them all up in here (post) because some folks just plain don't give a hoot about home improvement. Any suggestions? Something that offers me a link I can put right in my post? Quit rolling your eyes, you didn't know how to do it either till you did it the first time.

BLOG QUESTION #B: I've heard a rumor. You do know that I have been rather inconsistent in my blogging for some time now and had a lengthy overall absence recently. The rumor I've heard is that readers avoid video clips like the plague. Is this true? My informer stated that people generally don't want to bother opening them or waiting even a few seconds for your junk to load. Is there any truth to this? Cuz I happen to enjoy the good old video clip when I land on one, but I'd like to know the general opinion before I ever plant a clip in my post.

Thanks for any feedback on these two questions ~ or on anything else for that matter ~

Happy weekend!