October 15, 2008

I Got a New Attitude

I lost my spirit to write.

I found a hunk of it elsewhere. This has been pretty darned therapeutic for me as it has truly turned things around in many ways.

I will never deliberately abandon The Outpost and will use it from time to time if I rediscover my writing-self. I hope some friends might still be around to visit on occasion. My email remains intact and I welcome all correspondence and promise to reply to it - always.

What a great experience Blogspot has been for me.

I'm now spinning more melodic tales over here if anyone would like to drop by. I hope you will. I always have ~ and continue to ~ think of each person I met on here at varying times and in varying ways.

Thanks for being the friends you were (I do hear an empty echo...but that's clearly understood ... things come around full circle... life changes... it dances all around us ... sometimes it even sings).

Carol aka WearyHag aka Bflat aka "who knows what's next..."